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Vornado 660 Ice Large Air Circulator

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The 660 represents the next generation of Vornado circulation. Immediately noticeable is the restyled exterior that features dramatic gloss and matte finishes, sleek lines, and a slightly smaller footprint than other Vornado large circulators.

The 660 fluidly tilts between horizontal and vertical airflow positions along a chrome glide. The 660 further raises the bar with its intuitive push-button controls. Located conveniently at the top of the product, the user can effortlessly select among four speed settings ranging from whisper quiet to turbo.

Underneath the chic exterior, the 660 continues the legacy of airflow engineering, empowering the 660 to move air a full 100 feet. Unlike typical fans, a Vornado creates whole room circulation using an airflow phenomenon called Vortex Action.

An inlet guide cone directs air to the most efficient portion of the blades. In turn, the wide, heavily contoured blades churn the air into motion. The air then travels through a duct which sculpts the air into a column shape. As the air exits the circulator, The AirTensity Grill straightens the airflow to ensure the air travels long distances.

Maintaining the 660 is simple with a detachable grill that provides easy access to the blades for cleaning.

Warranty 2 year
Number of Speed Settings 4
Control Style Electronic Push Button
Remote No
Item Weight 7.32 lbs.
Item Height 15 in.
Item Depth 11.75 in.
Item Width 13.5 in.
Grill Diameter 10.38 in.
Blade Diameter 10.14 in.
Watts 54
Volts 220