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Work from Home like a Pro!

Work from Home like a Pro!

Working from home during the pandemic? Spice up your home workstation to level up your performance! 

Here are some tips to enhance your stay-at-home experience, especially while stuck in front of your desk or at the same spot for longer periods of time. 


1. Eat healthier foods

Munching on snacks while working? Once a while, we've all done it but we have to cut back on junk food and eat healthier especially during these trying times. You can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables, for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner! 

But don't stuff yourself with JUST fruits and veggies. Eat complete meals with protein and fibers so you get all the nutrients you need to stay on top of your game daily! 


2. Do not forget to rest and take breaks! 

People who work from home tend to forget to draw the line between work and personal time anymore. During these times, when going out is only an option for necessary things, you really can't go anywhere to unwind. So you're basically stuck at home and just working, sometimes you find yourself working over office hours just because you can. Well, chill out hustler! 

Take a break and unplug! Weekends are your time to relax and enjoy family time. Take your time to recharge and relax, even daily lunch breaks or snack breaks are a must! Do not feel guilty over having lunch without answering emails. Rest and take a break, so you can create better outputs and enhance your work performance.  




3. Designate a "Work Area" 

Some friends I have been discussing work-from-home setups with have shared that this has helped them "Draw the Line". Set up a cozy spot in your house, a simple corner or a designated room for work only so whenever you need to take a break, you can just stand up and stay farther away from your spot.

Keep your workspace neat and clean, keep your paperworks on that area only and keep thinking that your work area is only for work. Ditch personal things that wouldn't usually be in an office like television and other entertainment sources to keep you focused all day.


and lastly,


4. Keep your cool

Irate customers and huge workloads piling up already? Don't forget to keep your cool. Dwelling on the negativities and fallbacks will not do you any better. Try and chill out, clear your headspace and focus on accomplishing tasks that are easier to achieve and don't hesitate to ask for help from your team whenever needed.

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